I mentioned this conflict the other day when Alice Walton and Tom Walton made a token contribution to a fund for agencies serving LGBTQ groups. (Tom followed up with an op-Ed encouraging an openness toward diversity in Arkansas.)

This is good. But as I noted before, there are other ways to measure the Walton fortune commitment to human rights


From Popular Information, which looked at major political spending by companies professing a belief in equality: 

Other rainbow flag-waving corporations bankrolling anti-gay politicians;


This month, Walmart’s website features a “Pride & Joy” section where customers can purchase Pride-themed products. “Spark Love and Extinguish Hate” is displayed at the top of the page and, near the bottom, a quote from Donna Morris, Walmart’s Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer is featured:

We will continue to focus on inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community…I look forward to the work that we’ll do together to ensure all feel welcomed, appreciated, and supported to make an impact.
But since 2019, according to federal campaign finance reports, Walmart has donated at least $442,000 to 121 politicians who received a zero rating from HRC. Walmart also donated $43,000 to state legislators in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Texas pushing for anti-trans legislation. The majority of this amount, $30,000, went to 19 state lawmakers in Arkansas who helped pass a bill in April 2021 that outlawed gender-affirming treatment for trans youth. The bill was originally vetoed by the governor, but the veto was overridden by the legislature. Arkansas is now the first state in the country to ban medical care for trans youth.

Walmart did not respond to a request for comment.