AFTER DARK: ‘Helios’ lights up.

A formal ceremony is scheduled this morning for the installation of a new sculpture at Capitol and Main Street.


“Helios,” by Hunter Brown of Little Rock was commissioned by the Sculpture at the River Market Group, which worked with the Downtown Little Rock partnership to place the sculpture.

The stainless steel work stands 24 feet tall and lights up at night, enhanced by the reflective glass at the base.


A Downtown Partnership news release says:

An excerpt from Brown’s artist statement reads: “Helios was inspired by the helix form, most recognized from DNA, the building blocks of life. Helios’ winding forms spiral upward, converging around a polished sphere. The sphere reflects the space and the people moving within it. Helios is symbolic for the community as a whole – reciprocating the good of all the individuals and their contributions.”

A daytime view: