All positive COVID-19 cases aren’t tested for the type of virus contracted, but the recent sampling in Arkansas isn’t good. All have been of the Delta variant in the last two weeks, according to the Department of Health.


Cause for concern? In other places, yes.

Los Angeles County has urged even the vaccinated to continue to mask indoors because of an outbreak of the easily transmissible Delta variant. If this be virtue signaling — to wear a mask to prevent transmission from an asymptomatic infected person — then, by all means, signal a concern for your fellow man.


In Israel, an indoor mask requirement has been put back in place because about half of the people infected in a Delta outbreak were fully inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.

And there’s more. But this is Darkansas.


Nonetheless: Get a shot, dammit. And you might hang on to that mask.

Note the higher percentage of Delta cases in Arkansas, compared with national testing.