It was a good day for the cancel culture in Arkansas yesterday as right-wingers rose up to stifle opposing views on abortion and LGBTQ Pride.



PRIDE BOOKS: Sen. Dan Sullivan asked the Quorum Court to reduce library funding (something over which the Quorum Court has no control) because of a display of Pride literature in the library. He contended he didn’t oppose having the books in the library, but said they weren’t appropriate for children. In other words, you can own the books, you just can’t let any children see them. Some spoke in favor of the display; some against.



PRIDE BOOKS:  People in the home of rabidly-anti-LGBT Sen. Jason Rapert are up in arms over a Pride story hour held at the Faulkner County Library.  A rabble-rousing member of the Quorum Court is demanding action and a well-attended Library Board meeting was held last night.



Worthwhile points about this from a Facebook post on the controversy:

1. The librarian chose an additional time for Pride Storytime that was separate from regular scheduled programing so that no one was surprised/”tricked”
2. Kids who attend are brought by a guardian who CHOSE to be there for THIS, as is their right. This is important because they are accusing the library of indoctrination.
3. They chose children’s books that are for the 4-8 age group that were about history of Pride and the flag, followed by a rainbow craft and songs about colors. No discussion of sex or sexuality occurred, as is accused.
4. Although attendance was very (very) small, many patrons have requested this, which is their right. Patrons have also requested story times from authors the children’s librarian doesn’t always agree with, but it’s not her job to be censure, it is her job to serve the public. All of it.
Bullies and fascists don’t get to censure it either.

Good report from Frederick Price of KTHV, including praiseworthy comments from the county librarian, John McGraw:

“The idea really is that the library is a place where an exchange of ideas can happen on any topic without fear of censure,” McGraw said.

…McGraw said he has no intentions of reprimanding or firing the librarian.

They will, of course, go straight to Hell if Jason Rapert has anything to say about it.



ABORTION: I’ve saved the real s*** show for last, a meeting of a Quorum Court committee at which the five Republican men voted down the trans-woman JP in approving a resolution, complete with Bible quotes, declaring Washington a “pro-life” county (excepting support for capital punishment). It’s also not pro-life to refuse to hand out $50 million in federal pandemic relief to people in need of housing support, said JP Evelyn Rios-Stafford.

The chair of the committee wouldn’t allow non-committee-member JP Eva Madison to speak during the debate as ordinance allows (she was derisively termed “princess,” by one of the sneering anti-abortion proponents in the crowd during an abbreviated public comment period AFTER the resolution had been approved.) A Lutheran pastor was removed from the room for trying to speak. Choice supporters were described as murderers. County Attorney Brian Lester, who is also Washington County Republican chair, continued his practice of enabling Republicans JPs and squelching Democrats.

Autumn Tolbert’s Twitter thread continues here with more of the blow-by-blow. One example, from when JP Madison was allowed to speak:

The resolution moves to the full Quorum Court, controlled by Republicans and thus assured of passage. Cancel culture has long prevailed there, with Madison frequently being prohibited from speaking.

Are you seeing a theme about which side really engages in cancel culture?