Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde has updated his executive order on the pandemic for county facilities.


He’s continuing the state of emergency through August 8.

County buildings will be open, but:


Before entry, all persons are subject to temperature checks and will be refused entry if their temperature is 100.4º F or higher. All persons must wear a facemask in county facilities, except those persons wearing the Human Resources Department-issued wristband demonstrating voluntary participation in HR’s program to permit vaccinated persons to enter and remain in county facilities without a mask.

The facemask requirement for entry into buildings, imposed by this Executive Order, will expire at the close of business on July 27, 2021, pursuant to Act 1002 of 2021. Act 1002 was adopted by the Arkansas General Assembly with sixty-nine (69) members of the House and nineteen (19) members of the Senate voting to require that local governments end the use of mandatory face coverings as a protective measure against this global pandemic, which has now killed six hundred and seventy-seven (677) Pulaski Countians, five thousand nine hundred and nine (5,909) Arkansans, more than six hundred and five thousand (605,000) Americans, and nearly four million people globally.

A message from the judge to the numbskulls at the legislature looks like to me.




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