The Trump defense of the violent coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has come full circle.


Speaking with the loathsome Maria Bartiromo today the sociopathic serial liar said those who stormed the Capitol were “peaceful” and “great people.” They were demonstrating “love,” he said. They just wanted to save the nation, he said, while exaggerating the crowd’s size by a magnitude of maybe 100.

But this. This was the corker:


Referring to his remarks to the crowd before they stormed the Capitol as “a very mild-mannered speech,” Trump also suggested that the blame for any violence that day could be placed on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats because they didn’t take the potential for violence seriously.


“They are the ones that were responsible,” he said.

No more blame of Antifa. The Republican talking point is now a full-throated defense of a coup built on Trump’s lies. If bad stuff happened, it’s because Nancy Pelosi didn’t realize the potential for violence among his followers. Think about that. Very fine people.

The line is open.