Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the Gravette participant in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot/coup attempt, has a lawyer worthy of those seeking to keep a liar in the White House.

His defense attorney, Joseph McBride, went on CNN today and well, let Raw Story tell the story:


Joseph D. McBride, a defense attorney for one of the Capitol insurrectionists, went on a wild rant on national TV on Tuesday morning, comparing the federal government’s treatment of accused rioters to “Nazis” and “the Russian gulags.”

“Like the Nazis, like the Soviets in the Gulag, innocent men and women are being held in what we are calling D.C. Guantanamo Bay,” McBride said. “Pre-trial, absent any finding of fact, they’re being held for hundreds of days in solitary confinement. They’re being beaten. They’re being starved. They’re being denied medical care, they’re being denied the right to worship. They’re being cut off from their families [and their attorneys].”

Yes, but what about Bigo, host John Avlon asked?

Yes, he has access to Bigo, McBride said. Yes, Bigo has been released from custody pending trial.


Avlon then asked why McBride recently went on Russian TV with his client to plead the insurrectionists’ case.

“If the media and the United States government does not want to hold itself accountable for the human rights violations that are taking place at D.C. Guantanamo Bay, then who better to hold us accountable than the inventors of the Gulag themselves?” he responded. “That is why I went there.”