News release:


Former Rose Bud City Councilman Nick Cartwright has officially
announced his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge Congressman French Hill to represent the people of the 2nd Congressional District saying:


“I’m running to fight for regular, everyday Arkansans who have been left out of our politics for far too long. The people of the 2nd District deserve a representative from our communities willing to offer real, bold solutions to our biggest problems.”


Cartwright, 27, a fierce advocate for rural communities would be the first Democratic nominee from outside Pulaski County in decades. Throughout the campaign, Nick will highlight the importance of a workers’ economy, revitalizing our rural communities, and investing in our future.

I’ve talked to him briefly and expect to do so again today. He’s focused on voter registration and turnout, particularly in places like his home White County that have provided wide suburban margins for Republican congressional candidates against Democratic majority votes in Pulaski.
Cartwright has a bachelor’s degree from UCA and a master’s in public administration from Arkansas State. He’s worked in a variety of grassroots groups including the Rural Community Alliance and the Community Farm Alliance. He served a term on the Rose Bud City Council, then lost a race for mayor.
He said he’ll be an advocate for infrastructure spending, which the district and the state need. He cited water system issues in Benton and Mayflower, among others, and the conditions of highways used for commuting. “These affect people every day. I don’t believe government spending is a bad thing. People elect us to get things done and improve their communities.”
Has he been vaccinated? “Absolutely.” He said leaders should listen to public health experts who recommend getting vaccinated, wearing masks and keep social distance.
No other Democrat has announced. Cartwright said he welcomed a primary for a discussion of the issues, but he said he thought a candidate from a working-class family with rural roots is the best hope for cutting into Republican margins in counties around Pulaski. He said he’ll be devoted to campaign organizing and retail politics with personal visits to every possible community.