The competition is stiff in Arkansas for COVID dunderheadedness.

You’ve got a state senator, Gary Stubblefield, proudly bragging about choking down cattle dewormer as a coronavirus prophylactic.


You’ve got a would-be governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, vowing she’d take no steps recommended by health authorities to curb COVID-19 if she’s elected.

You’ve got Sen. Trent Garner, the presumptive favorite in the race to the bottom, declaring he might reconsider a mask requirement if the mortality rate hit 30 percent. He’s also said he prefers “dangerous freedom” to “comfortable safety.”


But now. Enter Tom Cotton. A quote for the ages from a Fox News interview of Cotton:

Let me say, nobody elected the CDC. Nobody elected Tony Fauci to make these decisions. Advisers advise, elected officials decide. And the American people elected Joe Biden and the members of Congress and our governors and state legislatures to make these decisions for us. If you just turn these decisions over to a bunch of public health bureaucrats, of course the only thing they’re gonna consider is what they think is in the best interest of public health.

I-effen-imagine: Looking to doctors and scientists who specialize in public health for making decisions in the best interest of public health, when you have Gary Stubblefield and Trent Garner to turn to.


Cotton thinks going to work and sending kids to schools without masks are more important than public health. What’s a few thousand more dead people? He didn’t contradict the Fox interviewer who touted local control as a rebuff to President Biden’s endorsement of mask use. Local control is PROHIBITED in Arkansas. Trent and Gary and Dan Sullivan and other public health experts know best. Thank God they weren’t around for the polio epidemic.

Sorry, Dr. Bledsoe. Stuff like this deserves no respect. And you’re just a public health bureaucrat, after all.