The Arkansas Poor People’s Campaign will join a national effort Monday to call on senators to declare if they support voting rights, an end to the filibuster and a $15/hr. minimum wage.

They’ll be visiting the offices of Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman at 11 a.m. Monday to pose these questions. Asked and answered (repeatedly), as they say in court. But they will march on. From a release:


Poor people, low-wage workers, faith leaders, advocates and others will gather outside Senate offices to announce the demands. A small group will  then enter the office and deliver the Mass Open Letter to the U.S. Senate titled Which Side Are You On?”

We are asking senators: Are you on the side of democracy or autocracy? The provisions of the U.S.Constitution or the demands of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

The Season of Nonviolent Moral Direct Action began July 12 with a news conference outside the U.S. Supreme Court and a call-in to U.S. Senate offices, then continued July 19 with a Womens Moral Monday March, also in Washington, D.C.


On Aug. 2, clergy and moral leaders will march in DC with poor people and low-wage workers from across the country as the Season of Nonviolent Moral Direct Action continues.

The Arkansas legislature, dominated by Republicans, also conclusively answered the democracy v. autocracy question in the recent legislative session, with measure after measure imposing government will over individual decision-making and speech.