A plaintiff announces the filing of a lawsuit to overturn the state law banning local mask mandates.


The Little Rock School Board is to meet Wednesday to consider Superintendent Mike Poore’s recommendation to do the same.

All the sheep dip in all the world isn’t enough to protect the state from breach of the separation of powers and the Arkansas Constitution.


The filing isn’t currently available on the state’s website for court filings. But it announces an intention to seek an injunction against enforcement of Act 1002, the ban on mask mandates.

I’d like to see this go farther, to the incursion on executive emergency powers and the sweeping language in a bill banning “vaccination passport.” That passport bill, due to a sloppy draft that marked all the anti-virus-protection statutes, is as problematic as all the rest.


Another plaintiff has also announced the filing on Facebook, a result of the effort long promised by lawyer Tom Mars.

The plaintiffs both file on behalf of themselves and their school-age children.

Bring on the sheep dip!


Or. Bring on some courage from the governor and legislature.

Down in Louisiana, where voters bleed red almost on a par with Arkansas voters, the governor has reinstituted an indoor mask mandate.