Pediatrician Charlie Feild aims to dispel dangerous misinformation that's putting children at risk. Brian Chilson

Dr. Charlie Feild, president of the Arkansas chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, came to the Capitol Thursday in an attempt to dispel the junk science about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Masks aren’t teeming with dangerous bugs ready to make wearers sick, and children aren’t harmed a bit when they wear them, Feild said. “Children learn to wear masks like they learn to wear shoes. It’s not that hard,” he said.


And despite what some legislators suggested this week, letting kids catch COVID-19 so they will develop natural immunity is not a safe plan, Feild said.

You can watch the whole video here for Feild’s take on proven versus unproven treatments, the long history of vaccines in America and his recommendations about what parents should do now to keep their children safe.


Feild spoke at the press event organized by the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, Citizens First Congress, Arkansas Indivisible and Arkansas NAACP.