Michael John Gray, chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, sends along a statement on the failure of the Arkansas General Assembly and state Republican leaders to do anything to help vulnerable school children too young to receive a vaccine.

“Where does Sarah Huckabee-Sanders stand, where does Leslie Rutledge stand? Where are those who seek office in Arkansas standing on allowing local school districts to make our children safer? Why are they silent? They have no plan for Arkansas, they have no constructive guidance for the Legislature with which they hope to govern. Arkansas should take note — the people who are campaigning to lead us are failing to be part of the discussion. They are absent and it is intentional,” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray.

“Arkansas’s failure to have any type of plan is exceedingly apparent when you look at what other states, including those with Republican leadership, are doing to protect their citizens. Utah is providing N95 masks to every child this school year. Louisiana is directing people to wear masks in public indoor settings, including a mandate for K-12 and college students. Arkansas, courtesy of a Republican Party of Arkansas that seems to glorify extremes and not support those in their own party who want to do something reasonable, is choosing to do nothing for its citizens. In fact we don’t even know where the leader of the RPA Jonelle Fulmer stands on vaccines or protecting our children. We must demand better of our leaders. Arkansas can do better than this and we will do better than this.”