UAMS chancellor Cam Patterson appeared on NPR’s “Morning Edition” to talk about the effects of the delta surge on hospitals one day after Arkansas set a record number for people hospitalized in the state with COVID-19.

Patterson told NPR’s Debbie Elliot that the patients being seen for COVID-19 at UAMS are younger. A year ago the average patient was 60 years of age and now the average is 40, Patterson said. He said that about 20% of UAMS patients have been pregnant mothers, and that Arkansas Children’s Hospital barely had more than one or two COVID-19 patients before the surge and now there are 22, and over half of the 22 children were vaccine eligible but none were vaccinated.


Patterson also talks about the staffing issues at UAMS (nearly 20% of its nursing positions are vacant, he said) and the importance of Arkansans getting vaccinated.  You can listen to the 5-minute conversation here.