The fall of Afghanistan is THE news today and so here’s an opportunity for all the local experts to weigh in.

It was not unexpected, except perhaps for its swiftness. It is a debacle for President Biden.  If there’d been an orderly retreat, would the outcome have been any different?


I liked two comments, one local and one from the Beltway crowd. First, from Sen. Jim Hendren, the former Republican.


Then there was David Frum, writer for The Atlantic:

There’s blame aplenty to go around in the 20-year U.S. effort to stabilize a country that has defied stabilization for centuries by British, French, Russian and others. But let’s not forget Trump. Remember:

It’s a memory of another great deal by her former boss that the shameless Sarah Huckabee chose to forget today in her Bidenization of a race for governor of Arkansas (a campaign in which she has yet to give open access to reporters):


Donald Trump was right to want to leave Afghanistan. Joe Biden was right in attempting to follow Trump’s plan. The finale is painful — first for the loss of and damage to life in this failed exercise in nation-building. Also for the billions wasted.

Afghan wasn’t ready for a moderate central government. The cheers of men as the Taliban again began forcing women into the shadows in Kabul tell us plenty about that.

This Twitter thread of the instant rollback of advances for women is one of the saddest things I’ve read today.

The simple question for the critics is this: How many more years and how many more trillions would be necessary for Afghanistan to stand on its own (in a manner acceptable to U.S. tastes)?