More cases, more deaths, but tressure has not increased on hospitals in the last 24 hours.

Said the governor:


Our new cases today are higher, but our active cases have declined since last week. Over 11,000 doses administered is a good number, but we need to keep increasing. Find a vaccine location near you this weekend to protect yourself against the Delta Variant.

He made no effort to correct the enthusiasm about yesterday’s 31,000 vax report, which turned out to be the product of some data revisions, not a one-day count.

The hospital report:


Current hospitalizations: 1,324 (down 1)
Total Beds: 8,788
Total Beds Available: 1,820
Total ICU Beds: 1,109
Total ICU Beds Available: 24
Total Vents: 1,064
Total Vents Available: 498

Total Covid patients in ICU: 507 (down 21)
Total Covid patients on vents: 348 (down 4)