As usual, the Monday coronavirus numbers reflect lack of weekend testing. The early summary:

New cases: 863


Active cases: 22,427, down from 24,115

Deaths: 33, to 6,912


Hospitalizations: 1,257 (unchanged), with 533 in ICU and 361 on ventilators

Vaccinations: 3,675


The surge isn’t over. Consider this letter to UAMS alumni. It is asking for volunteers and is from Dr. Susan Smyth, dean of the college of medicine:

On behalf of all of us at UAMS, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in this unprecedented and difficult time.

Few could have imagined the terrible toll that COVID-19 would have on Arkansas, our country and the world. We were all disheartened when the far more contagious delta variant began to surge, changing the course of the pandemic just when things were starting to look up.

At UAMS, our frontline physicians, nurses and other health professionals continue to provide expert, compassionate care for Arkansans with COVID as well as patients with other conditions. We are providing cutting-edge, scientifically tested treatments for COVID such as outpatient Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in a vital effort to keep Arkansans out of the hospital. We are also continuing our broad-scale efforts to vaccinate and provide COVID testing for folks across the state – and so much more.

As of this morning, we had 56 hospitalized COVID patients at UAMS Medical Center, with 25 in the ICU, 16 on mechanical ventilation and four on ECMO support. Unfortunately, we now are seeing a greater proportion of our ICU patients requiring ventilator support. This is putting a significant strain on our facilities and team members.

UAMS is already understaffed due to the toil of the ongoing pandemic, and we are gearing up for even more challenging days ahead. We anticipate our patient numbers will continue to escalate, requiring more of our physicians and other health professionals. We will also need additional professionals as vaccination efforts ramp up with the availability of booster vaccines in late September.

Some of our alumni have reached out to ask how they can help – and the reality is, we need your help.

Please consider lending us your time and outstanding skills to help our fellow Arkansans. If you are interested in volunteering, you can click here to sign up or call 501-686-5657 for more information.

If you are unable to lend a hand directly, please consider contributing to our COVID-19 fund. The fund helps to cover costs associated with screening, testing and caring patients with COVID-19.