Sarah Huckabee Sanders uses Bill Clinton and her father, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Central school crisis, in her first TV ad in her run for governor.


It’s already netted her lots of national media attention, though civil rights for Black people and Bill Clinton are not exactly vote-getters in an Arkansas Republican primary.

“I’ll never forget being a student at Little Rock Central High and watching my dad, a Republican governor, and Bill Clinton, a Democrat president, hold open the doors for the Little Rock Nine, doors that 40 years earlier had been closed to them because they’re Black,” Huckabee Sanders said in the ad.

“Good triumphed over evil,” Huckabee Sanders continued. “This is who we are.”

The Trump administration, the end of voting rights, blatant invocation of racist themes, coddling of white nationalists: These say more about who the Republicans are these days than that feel-good day at Central in 1997. In years since, pop and daughter have derided the Clintons often, with pop once saying he fought the “Clinton machine” for years and “lived to tell about it,” a reference to the murder conspiracy theories that fuel right-wing animus against the Clintons to this day.



Her vow to fight “cancel culture” while hoping to lead a Republican legislature bent on canceling everything with which it disagrees is pretty rich, too.


PS: TV vet Doug Krile reminds me that “This is Who We Are” is a frequent taglihe on MSNBC ads!