Important issues are pending discussion soon at City Hall.

A quick summary:


One concerns the police chief and revelations of an independent evaluation finding racial discrimination by the chief and top officers in the disciplinary case of a white cop. There’s sentiment on the board for placing Chief Keith Humphrey on administrative leave until the issue is resolved. Who would be interim chief? It couldn’t be Assistant Chief Crystal Haskins, who figures in the evaluation.

Another is an appointment to replace the late Erma Hendrix through 2022 in the Ward One seat on the City Board. The pick must be ratified by the City Board. Does that mean an open process fully involving the board? Or does it mean rubber-stamping Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s pick, which is how appointments to city boards and commissions are now handled?


You can guess the mayor would prefer a guarantee of his person in the seat (the appointee also would be allowed to seek the seat in the 2022 election). You can guess some members of the City Board might have different ideas.

There’s also the plan for meeting city needs after defeat of the one-cent sales tax. A smaller sales tax proposal? A list of spending priorities more narrowly tailored to traditional city priorities: Public safety, parks and potholes? Or might there be a new way to achieve the broad goals spanning parks, education, housing and more championed by the mayor?


Expect robust discussions.