COVID-19 hospital numbers repeat today a pattern noted yesterday:

There’s been yet another daily drop in the number hospitalized, from 1,090 to 1,074, but an increase in both the number in ICU, from 450 to 456, and on ventilators, from  289 to 306.


Also, 33 more deaths today, continuing at a steady rate at that level in recent days.

Worth considering: Does the rise in home testing explain some of the small drop in new cases and active cases? Just asking.


The governor continues his spin routine on the daily report:

While new cases are lower and hospitalizations are on the decline, we still are seeing too many deaths and an increasing number on ventilators. This shows the deadly nature of this virus. Don’t take a risk; please get vaccinated.

But he continues to oppose mask and vaccine mandates and school boards and resisters all over the state are following that lead.