Points to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge for a campaign jab at Republican gubernatorial primary opponent Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sanders is limiting her availability to scripted, admission-controlled events and giving virtually no press access, save one TV interview so soft that she posted the entire thing as a campaign promotional tool.


Rutledge is out there, using her office as a campaign tool and making more public appearances.

When a scheduled speaker had to cancel at a recent Republican fund-raising dinner in Clark County, each candidate was given time on the stage, the only joint appearance of the campaign so far. We recounted coverage of that speech earlier.


Now Rutledge is saying judge for yourself.

She’s distributed videos of both candidates’ remarks.


First Huckabee:

Then Rutledge:


The Rutledge campaign spin:

Can you spare 30 mins to decide the future of Arkansas? That’s all it will take once you watch both candidates for Governor speak. Until September 9th at the Clark County Republican Dinner In Arkadelphia, Sarah Sanders has refused for 8 months to share the stage with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to talk about their respective campaigns for Governor. That will probably be the ONLY time you will hear both candidates speak on the same night. Both candidates were given 15 minutes to speak to the crowd of over 500 Arkansas Republicans. Sarah used her time to tell a couple of feel-good, patriotic stories from her job as a spokesperson for the former President. Attorney General Rutledge spoke about her accomplishments as Attorney General, specific policy issues such as pro-life, the second amendment, school choice, eliminating the individual income tax, expanding rural broadband, workforce education and college prep in K-12 schools, support for the military and law enforcement, and not just tweeting but filing lawsuits and defeating Obama and Biden’s liberal agenda. I encourage you to watch the brief footage below, and ask yourself who is more prepared to lead our great State as the next Governor?

No, I’m not going soft on Rutledge. There’s little good to say about the positions she’s vigorously espoused (and I doubt Sanders would offer any meaningful differences.) But she’s right to call out Sanders on her rope-a-dope campaign. Will she agree to a TV debate, primary or general. Or does she expect automatic installation of the royal heir of the House of Huckstering.