Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. has proclaimed Sept. 25-Oct. 3 as Drive Electric Week in the city and will promote electric vehicles with an event from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at 600 Pleasant Valley Drive.

People can see and test drive electric vehicles and talk to owners and dealers.


The Little Rock Sustainability Office, Today’s Power and electric vehicle owners and dealers are participating.



My wife bought an EV a little more than three years ago, on Labor Day. Maintenance expenditure to date: $0. If the charging on our home plug has added much cost, it hasn’t been noticeable in the electric bill. Noticeable is the state’s confiscatory $200 annual license fee for electric cars, in theory, meant to recoup lost fuel taxes. In our case, given the low mileage Ellen  drives, we are paying a significant subsidy to the behemoth trucks that cause most of the damage to roads that the fuel tax pays for, not to mention the half-cent state sales tax on everything else that also goes to highways

If an EV drives 12,000 miles a year (ours is averaging about 3,000) the tax incurred by a gas-powered car that averaged 25 mpg (the average of the U.S. fleet), would burn 480 gallons, and produce about $120 worth of fuel taxes.


But the Arkansas highway department and legislators are nothing if not dinosaurs, They laughed at autonomous cars, prefer ever wider freeways, love fossil fuels and prefer to punish EV and hybrid drivers rather than reconsider that the way we’ve always done things may not be the way the world does things in the future.

Credit Frank Scott for acknowledging change is coming.

Others are joining the movement, one happy consequence being a marked increase in charging stations since we first rolled back into Little Rock from the Dallas dealer three years ago.

For gearheads: The acceleration is head popping. And brakes? You hardly need them thanks to engine braking. I base my review on limited experience. I’ve only driven my wife’s car four times. When my 18-year-old SUV finally gives out, I might get one of my own.