Attorney General Leslie Rutledge plans to hit TV on Razorback game day with an ad proclaiming:



Some call it a fly-over state, we call it God’s country.

And this is where we do God’s work, like ending abortion.

That’s why I kept Planned Parenthood off the taxpayer dime. Making Arkansas the most pro-life state in the nation.

For 7 years, I’ve led the fight to protect our God-given freedoms like religious liberty and the Second Amendment.

Arkansas is one big small town, and I will use my experience to protect all that God has given us.

I’m guessing the much more richly endowed Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be extolling Arkansas and decrying the libs on TV today, too.

Re Rutledge: It was Governor Hutchinson who ordered that the state stop spending family planning money on Planned Parenthood. It’s true the attorney general’s office waged a successful fight to uphold the executive action.


They may have kept Planned Parenthood “off the taxpayer dime.” But I’d be willing to be a good bit more than a dime that the short-sighted decision to reduce support for family planning — which prevents unwanted pregnancies — resulted in a great deal more state spending on Medicaid and other support for mothers and their children.  (At least to the extent support still exists despite Republican efforts to limit support for poor people.) Pro-life? In the womb, maybe.

Still waiting for that Biblical cite on the 2nd Amendment, too. As for religious liberty, that depends on what religion you follow here in “God’s country.”


Jesus wept.