The Senate and House meet this morning to complete action on congressional redistricting bills. Also on the agenda is a resolution to recess today until Oct. 14, when the legisature would return to finally adjourn.

The Senate will get one more crack at adding an emergency clause to the bill purporting unconstitutionally and illegally to give a state opt-out to any coming federal rules on COVID-19 vaccinations and to hamstring employees who’d like to protect their workers and customers voluntarily. The emergency clause and attempts to expunge votes have failed multiple times previously. Should the Senate add the clause back this morning, the bill would have to return to the House and, in theory, I don’t think that can be done today.


Stay tuned. This bunch isn’t done demagoguing.

Also, the governor will shortly call a special session limited primarily to cutting the income tax, with the prime beneficiaries on an individual basis being the wealthy. Don’t be mislead by the cumulative value of cuts to lower income-taxpayers. If a million of them split $60 million a year, you can do the math. But the top 5 percent will get more than 70 percent of the higher-income tax cut.


And remember: The legislature could vote to expand topics in the special session. What the governor wants or doesn’t want is no longer a serious consideration for the runaway extremists in charge of the legislative agenda.