Governor Hutchinson likely will call a special session the week of Oct. 25 “focused” on an income tax cut, his spokesperson said today.

“Focused.” Complicated word.


Will the governor limit his call to cutting income taxes (his spokesperson says yes)? Expect the focus also to be putting the most dollars — 50 to 75 percent of the windfall — into the top 5 percent of taxpayers.

And if even if the governor doesn’t add other items, can he prevent another runaway session?  A replay of the recent COVID tragicomedy? An effort to pass a Texas-style abortion ban by vigilantes? The legislature can add items for consideration by a two-thirds vote.


With Rapert, Ballinger, Garner, Ladyman, Bentley and their ilk in the mix — and with the usual compliance from a Republican majority either similarly inclined or too cowardly or impotent to stop them — anything is possible.