As states like Arkansas move ever closer to actual or constructive bans on abortion, it’s time to note there is an option for women: self-managed abortion by a two-pill regimen in the early stages of pregnancy (but later than the six-week ban Texas has in place and which Arkansas has attempted.)

The Atlantic explains this option in some detail in a new article.


Pregnant people in Texas, or in any other U.S. state, can visit an array of websites that will mail them two pills—mifepristone and misoprostol—that will induce a miscarriage when used in the first trimester of pregnancy and possibly even later. The so-called self-managed abortion is therefore an option at least six weeks further into a pregnancy than the controversial new Texas law’s six-week “heartbeat” cutoff for an abortion at a clinic. Though people in other states have several websites to choose from, Texans can visit Aid Access, a website that provides the pills for $105, or less based on income.

Many people don’t know about this option. A handful of states, not yet including Arkansas, have attempted to make pills by mail illegal, laws of questionable constitutionality. The article also notes:

Abortion pills work best in the first trimester of pregnancy, but it takes time to find the service and order the pills, and for them to arrive and make their way through customs. This is one reason Aid Access is now allowing people who aren’t pregnant to order the pills to have on hand and use later if they experience an unwanted pregnancy. The pills don’t expire for about two years.