Add this to the controversy about settling the lawsuit over the police shooting of Bradley Blackshire in 2019:

Mayor Scott and Board:

Attached is a copy of a letter written to the United States District Court by attorneys for the Arkansas Municipal League. Their recollection of past handling of settling corroborates the opinion that City Manager has authority to commit sums up to $50,000.00 for settlement of lawsuits. Do any of you dispute this? If so, on what grounds? Who is making the correct representations to the Court?

Marion Humphrey, Jr., and I represent the Estate of Bradley Jamal Blackshire, Sr., which is a case before Judge Casey Tucker. We, also, represent the interests of all five of Mr. Bradshire’s children.There are three guardianship petitions in that regard, all of which have been assigned to Judge Tucker, as well.

Would you be so kind as to reveal to us why there is any controversy as to the authority of the city manager in this instance, as opposed to others where the amount at issue is less than $50,000.00? Furthermore, did anyone forbid City Attorney Tom Carpenter from keeping abreast of developments of settlement negotiations, or, at least, inquiring about, since news outlets have reported on such negotiations for weeks? Where has he been during that time?

Sincerely yours,

/s/Marion A. Humphrey, Sr.

This came up at City Board meeting today. More to come. The unity mayor hasn’t achieved it just yet