The state Education Department has released ACT scores for the 2020 high school graduating class and termed the results “stable.”

That’s another way to say Arkansas hasn’t improved on its low standing nationally or significantly fallen. More than 31,000 students took the test at least once. The release emphasizes that pandemic circumstances could have affected outcomes. Numbers ticked downward at both the state and national level in many categories.


Summary from the news release:

The percent of students who met all four readiness benchmarks (Reading, English, Math, and Science) remained the same (14 percent).

The average composite score also remained the same (18.8).

Average composite scores for each of the four subject areas changed little, with slight decreases in English, Math, and Reading and a small increase in Science.

The average composite score for Arkansas students who retested in 2021 was 21.3 compared to 16.8 for students who only took the test once.

Qualifying students used 8,943 testing fee waivers (an increase of 289), giving them the opportunity to take the ACT multiple times at no cost

The state does give a link to a comprehensive report that shows where the state stands against the rest of the country. The charts below compare public schools only.