LANCE HINES (file photo) Brian Chilson

Little Rock city government watchers will not be surprised to learn that the Board of Directors is not unanimously in support of Mayor Frank Scott Jr. taking the reins on redrawing the city’s wards.

Yesterday, the mayor shared with the city board two proposals for redrawing the map, as is required every 10 years after Census results. One of the proposed maps would dramatically reshape several of the wards.


Vice-Mayor Lance Hines, whose Ward 7 in West Little Rock wouldn’t see major changes in either of the plans proposed by the mayor, but who is a frequent critic of Scott’s, has shared with the board and the mayor a draft ordinance that he plans to ask his colleagues to vote to add to tonight’s agenda.

The ordinance would remove the director of planning and development, a position overseen by the mayor, from the process of redrawing wards and place it wholly under the purview of the city manager and “any persons of his choosing.” The city manager and the city attorney are the only Little Rock employees who answer directly to the board.