SETTLEMENT PROCEEDING: In lawsuit filed in the shooting death of Bradley Blackshire. Attorney Omavi Shakur (bearded) looks on at Blackshire's mother, Kimberly Blackshire-Lee, in this file photo. Brian Chilson

A court filing in Pulaski County Circuit Court details the settlement awards in the Bradley Blackshire case.

The settlement, a source of controversy at last night’s Little Rock Board of Directors meeting, needed circuit court approval because some of the money was going to minors. Circuit Court Judge Casey Tucker approved it yesterday. That now paves the way for the settlement agreement to be signed and forwarded to federal court, and a motion from the attorneys representing the Blackshire estate to dismiss the case with prejudice. All that is fairly pro forma, and none of the members of the board of directors objected to moving forward with the settlement last night. But this has been an unusual case, so I’d say it’s not a done deal until the federal court says so.


The $300,000 settlement will be divided between the Loevy Law Firm, which took a voluntary reduction of its contracted 40% fee ($85,000); Kim Blackshire-Lee, mother of Bradley Blackshire ($29,625); three minor children of Blackshire ($32,785 each); and Britney Walls, special administrator of the estate ($15,000).