It's go time for voters to show up to support students.

Little Rock voters have the chance to invest in the city’s young people by building fancy new schools and sprucing up some old ones, all without raising their taxes.

Early voting for a millage extension for the Little Rock School District begins Tuesday, and any registered voter who lives in the district can vote at any of the locations below.


Early voting times and locations for the Nov. 2 school vote.

The last day to vote is Election Day, Nov. 2. Don’t count on your regular polling location to be open; risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic convinced a number of locations who used to host voting to opt out for the time being, so check here to find out where you’re assigned to vote on Election Day. You’ll need to know what precinct you’re in. You can find out your precinct assignment here.


Voting YES (which you should absolutely do) will extend the current millage rate for 19 years, generating about $300 million. Here’s a breakdown of how that money is slated to be used.

Voting yes on the LRSD millage extension won’t raise taxes, but it will raise funds for these improvements.



Little Rock voters have declined to extend their school millage at its current rate twice, in 2017 and 2020. But we know that was because the district was at that time in the hands of the state after the state Board of Education’s ill-advised takeover. We can gleefully report that our schools are back under local control and in incredibly capable hands.

Little Rock property owners pay 46.4 mills (.1 percent of assessed value of property), with 12.4 mills of that for schools. That rate hasn’t changed in some 20 years, according to district leaders, and wouldn’t under this plan.

Voters who live in the Pulaski County Special School District have a similar option on the ballot starting Tuesday, to extend their current millage rate of 40.7, 14.8 mills of which are for schools. Some PCSSD voters can also vote on two unopposed school board candidates, Heather Smith and Laurel Tait.


North Little Rock voters are being asked to re-up their current 48.3 mill rate that includes 23.3 mills for North Little Rock School District, and to vote on unopposed school board candidates Tracy Steele, Rochelle Redus, Cindy Temple and Natalie Wankum.

Did we mention that early voting starts Tuesday?