The Foxcroft neighborhood is blessed with two 12-foot skeletons, the yard accessories of the season. Austin Bailey

A new resident of North Little Rock earned a mention in the Washington Post today for her deft juggling of priorities in the face of supply chain shortages. Unable to secure a large moving truck to get her belongings from Reno, Nevada, to her new digs in North Little Rock in March, Valerie Hitchcock ditched her dinette set so she could fit her ginormous skeleton into the moving van instead.

The 12-foot skeletons that debuted at Home Depot in 2020 were a game changer for suburban lovers of seasonal outdoor decor. You might think high unemployment rates and a dicey pandemic economy would have made buyers wary of sinking $299 into a 12-foot plastic skeleton last fall. But in fact Home Depot sold out by early October 2020, and resellers were asking three times that (and getting it) on eBay and other reseller sites.

courtesy of Home Depot
Who needs a 12-foot, $299 skeleton? Everyone, apparently.

Home Depot released a new version of its gigantic skeleton for 2021, and this one features a pumpkin skull and vine-like limbs. Inferno, as he’s called, still has shriveling and putrefying flesh clinging to its bones. Or is that composting pumpkin-related plant material? It’s a little unclear, but no one’s complaining. Mr. Skeleton 2020 dazzled us with glowing blue eyes. Inferno ups the game for 2021, with a flaming mouth and chest cavity ablaze. He retails for $349.

Inferno is proving every bit as popular as his predecessor. My (coolest) neighbors showed up at Home Depot in their truck at 5 a.m. on the first day Inferno was available in stores, ready to claim one when doors opened at 5:30. They shared this anecdote with me on a recent evening, as they experimented with a Pennywise decoration crammed into a drain, along with a motion detector light set to go off when anyone walks by. Two 12-foot skeletons stood sentinel in the yard above.


Home Depot sold out almost instantaneously again this year, and it doesn’t even list Inferno on its website anymore. But it looks like you can nab one on resale sites for $700 or so.

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