The Main Library in downtown Little Rock. Brian Chilson

A half-mill increase to keep libraries operating and eBooks and audiobooks available for checkout won nearly 75% of the early vote, according to an unofficial count.

The Pulaski County Election Commission counted 2,115 yeses from early and absentee voters, and only 740 nos.


Unofficial results from early and absentee voters only.

But it’s not a done deal. These results include none of today’s votes. You can check for an updated tally here.


UPDATE: The margin was a bit narrower in Election Day voting, but the tally was 4,842-1,973, or a 71 percent approval.

If the trend continues and the proposed millage increase passes, library patrons will see the additional $2.375 million generated annually go toward keeping new library branches and facilities clean and functioning. Salaries of some library staffers, traditionally on the low side, will go up a bit. Revenue would also help cover the surprisingly high costs of providing those eBooks and audiobooks so many of us have grown addicted to in pandemic times.