Arkansas polling isn’t so robust on the issue, but the continuation of legal abortion continues to enjoy more support than a legal ban in Arkansas.


The most recent Arkansas Poll by the University of Arkansas showed 38 percent want abortion to be made more difficult; 18 percent want it to be easier; 29 percent want no change in existing law (both drug and medical abortions are available in Arkansas with  restrictions), and 15 percent didn’t respond. That means 47 percent are happy with the status quo or prefer that abortion be more readily available in Arkansas. Republicans in the legislature reject such factual findings.

The poll says that a similar majority opposes the Texas law to ban abortion by means of vigilante action, a proposal that some Arkansas legislators have vowed to replicate.


The Post-ABC poll finds 27 percent of Americans say the court should overturn Roe, while 60 percent say it should be upheld, attitudes that are consistent in polls dating to 2005. More broadly, three-quarters of Americans say abortion access should be left to women and their doctors, while 20 percent say they should be regulated by law.

Support for abortion rights is strongest among Democrats and independents, but Republicans barely favored overturning Roe, 45-42.