The hospital pressure continues to rise and more records are set while the state fiddles and Arkansas Republicans cheer a Supreme Court making law against an OSHA vaccine rule to make workplaces safer.

Current hospitalizations: 1,251, up from 1,185 on Wednesday.


Total ICU Beds Available: 32, up from 26 (though not because of a reduction in COVID-related demand)

Total Covid patients in ICU: 351, up four.


Total Covid patients on vents: 170, up three

UPDATE: the other daily numbers follow.


Total cases: 653,789, an increase of 12,990. Another one-day record following yesterday’s record increase of almost 11,000.

Active cases: 79,346, up from 71,134 yesterday. Another record.

Deaths: 9,390, an increase of 18.

Vaccinations: Still low. About 9,100 more.