Here’s an Associated Press account of the promised ACLU lawsuit by Washington County jail prisoners who say they were unknowingly given Ivermectin, a deworming medication that some have used, despite medical advice against it, as a COVID-19 treatment.



The suit names the jail, Sheriff Tim Helder,  Dr. Robert Karas and unnamed staff of the Karas group that provided medical services at the jail. Karas also is being investigated by the state Medical Board for giving the drug to hundreds of inmates. The inmates in the lawsuit said they were told they were being given antibiotics, vitamins and steroids.

The issue surfaced in September.


The lawsuit says the sheriff should have known about the use of the drug, despite its dangers, because of Karas’ promotion of its use on social media. It also says Karas may have benefitted from charging the jail for drugs he purchased at wholesale. It says Karas gave inmates — more than 500 tested positive at the jail — extraordinarily high doses of the medicine.

Said the lawsuit:


On December 24, 2021, Dr. Karas admitted publicly on his clinic’s social media page to dosing inmates housed at WCDC with as much as 0.4 mg/kg of the drug Ivermectin- an astounding amount of the dewormer, and double the dosage recommended for its intended use (which says nothing of its use here). He stated further than this dosage regime was different than the dosage given to his private practice patients.

At no point were Plaintiffs informed that the medications they were consuming included Ivermectin. Further, Plaintiffs were not informed of the side effects of the drug administered to them or that any results would be used for research purposes.

Perhaps Rep. Mary Bentley and Sen. Jason Rapert will intervene on the side of the defendants.