Sixteen Republican governors including Governor Hutchinson have written President Biden asking for more state control of how new federal infrastructure money is spent.

States rights and federal overreach are familiar themes employed in the letter. The governors also don’t like any federal rules that might take “equity, union membership or climate” into specific funding decisions. Of course, they wouldn’t. White scabs burning fossil fuels are preferred beneficiaries in these parts.


There is one specific objection in the letter that resonates in Arkansas.

A clear example of federal overreach would be an attempt by the Federal Highway Administration to limit state widening projects. Attempts to disallow the use of funding for general purpose widening projects would be biased against rural states and states with growing populations. Such a policy fails to recognize the differences in state priorities, funding levels, and transportation networks across the 50 states. Future prosperity would be negatively impacted if this anti-growth mindset is allowed to become firmly entrenched in transportation policy.

What better way for Arkansas to cover for money illegally spent on the neighborhood-destroying, air-polluting billion-dollar boondoggle known as the 30 Crossing project and other widening projects. And we do love to widen freeways in Arkansas, to help with induced demand on other roads and other adverse consequences.


As for highway widening spurring growth: No doubt it has helped Conway, Benton, Cabot, Bryant and so on. Little Rock? Not so much,