BuzzFeed News says Tom Cotton has been spending more time than other candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire, working on a presidential campaign in 2024. (More time than he spends in Arkansas, it sounds like.)

Politicians are expected to parade through the early states well ahead of 2024, and many Republicans are, even with the looming possibility that former president Donald Trump will run again. But few have been the fixture that is Cotton, the Arkansas senator, party officials say. He’s already attending county Christmas parties and local pastimes. Earlier this year, he zoomed into the New Hampshire GOP’s annual committee meeting to show his support for the state’s first-in-the-the-nation primary status, promising yet another visit.

Iowa state party chair Jeff Kaufmann told BuzzFeed News, “Tom Cotton not only has been to the state multiple times, he’s very strategic in where he’s going. I mean, he’s made a point to appear on the Missouri River. He’s made a point to appear on the Mississippi. He’s made a point to go to northern Iowa.”

His stops have included a machine gun shoot and a county Republican Christmas party. The Iowa Republican state committee secretary commented:


“He’s much more personable than he comes across on TV,” Lane said. “And I was really impressed with his handshake. You can tell a lot by these people how they shake your hand.”

Remember personable is in the context of a party that still worships a cruel, misogynistic, lying bully who’s assaulted women and cheated on multiple wives. When the competition includes Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, maybe she has a point.