The New York Times reports today on the continuing investigation of Hunter Biden, the president’s son, for his business dealings. Key news today: He’s paid a federal tax bill, which might be a factor in whether he could face any criminal consequences in an investigation that began during the Obama administration.

Of less importance in the article, but noteworthy, is the Arkansas angle.


Prosecutors also subpoenaed records related to a lawsuit brought by the former employee of Mr. Biden’s, Lunden Alexis Roberts, in Arkansas state court, according to her lawyer.

Ms. Roberts sued Mr. Biden for child support and paternity in 2019, after one of his companies ceased paying her and providing her with health insurance, according to court records.

Mr. Biden and Ms. Roberts reached a settlement out of court in the paternity case in March 2020.

Last year, prosecutors traveled to Little Rock, Ark., and asked Ms. Roberts and her lawyer about Mr. Biden’s finances, including which corporate entity he used to pay her, and whether that entity had received payments from Burisma, according to a person familiar with the questioning.

And last month, in response to another subpoena, Ms. Roberts testified before the grand jury in Delaware, according to her lawyer.

Gee, I wonder who the person “familiar with the questioning” might have been. Could it have been Clint Lancaster of Benton, the rabid Republican lawyer for Roberts in the paternity case who happily helped news about it reach the national press during the Biden-Trump election? The same Clint Lancaster who’s been working the Trump stolen election beat in Wisconsin? The one married to Jennifer Lancaster, also a lawyer in the Roberts paternity case, who went to work as a law clerk for Barbara Webb, the wife of the Republican state party chair Doyle Webb after she was elected to the Arkansas Supreme Court and found time during her workday to lobby the legislature against COVID-19 vaccination rules? Just asking.

Another question: Why didn’t the Times name the lawyer used as a source?


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