A pretty great thing about today is that we get to bid our forever farewells to a slew of genuinely terrible candidates. These people have virtually no shot at winning, today or any day in the future, and we can only hope they take today’s inevitable losses for what they are: a very personal rejection from the entire state of Arkansas.

Goodbye, Jan Morgan, Arkansas’s mistress of the night. Your open racism and gun nuttery are too much even for Arkansas voters. Why haven’t you figured that out yet?


Goodbye, Bequette family. Chris Bequette, watching your racist rants was wild, especially considering you have a Black son. But then I unfollowed you on Twitter, and so did everyone else, looks like. And Jake Bequette (or is it Jack?), the misspelled names on the ballots didn’t matter much. You came on a little strong, don’t you think? The temper tantrums and accusations of fraud only made it worse. But you’re young, and the fact that you look more like Clark Kent than even Christopher Reeves ever did suggests you’ll be back someday.

Goodbye, Dan Whitfield. Your wishy-washy, playing-both-sides takes on gun safety legislation turned off Democratic voters and endeared you to all of zero Republicans, rendering you persona non grata across the board.


Goodbye, Mark Lowery. We will hand it to you, it takes balls to run for state treasurer despite a history of repeatedly screwing up your campaign finance reports and failing to pay state income taxes on time. Making the case that you’re the guy to run Arkansas’s finances after you personally sought bankruptcy protection only four years ago? Wow.

Goodbye, Bob Ballinger. You primaried Bryan King in 2018 because he wasn’t extremist enough for your taste, and turnabout is fair play. Republicans Bob Largent, Keith Slape and Ted Walker are gunning for you today, too. Your close connection to the ever-shady Ecclesia College and questions about your messy personal finances won’t help. The money you have coming in from the Waltons and the medical marijuana industry mean that maybe I’m overshooting here, and that we might yet see you at the Capitol again. Hope not.


Goodbye, Jason Rapert. Your fiddle playing is killer, I’ll give you that, but your culture war politics have done grave harm to Arkansas. Rape and incest victims will have to carry fetuses to term because of your self-righteous, controlling version of Christianity. Your extremism turned off voters across the spectrum. But you’ll always have Trent Garner.