KATV, Channel 7

It’s hot and Saharan dust plumes have blown in, causing hazy skies and vibrant sunsets. I tried to photograph yesterday’s sunset, but I didn’t make it to an adequate vantage point in time. I reached out to weather guru Todd Yakoubian at KATV Channel 7 to see what we can expect for air quality and how bad the heat is going to get.

“High moisture levels and dust from the Sahara Desert have combined to cause hazy sunshine for much of the state,” Yakoubian said in an email. He said the haze should thin out late this week, with better visibility returning. If you remember around this time in 2020, a big storm over the Sahara brought in some dust plumes that were said to be record breaking. Despite the awfulness of 2020, the sunsets were something special.

Rhett Brinkley
June 23, 2020

As for June of 2022, we could be seeing heat levels we haven’t seen since June 2013.

“Late next week could be sizzling hot, with actual air temperatures getting very close to or exceeding 100°,” Yakoubian said. “We did reach 100° last year, but it was late, September 1st, 2021.



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