Arkansas Times Circulation Director Jackson Gladden knows that a clean desk equals an empty mind. He also knows how to soothe your login woes.

Writers at the Arkansas Times are gonzo about letting y’all know what’s happening out there, so we’re frustrated/embarrassed/apologetic by recent reports that subscribers are having trouble logging in.

We are sorry! Let us fix it!


AT Circulation Director Jackson Gladden, our patient and thoughtful customer service ace, offers up this tutorial on how to log in and stay that way.

First: Have you set up a password on your account? That could be the hold-up.

If you are constantly having to go through your email to get a new magic link, or when you get redirected to our site you’re always asked to log-in, you haven’t set up a password yet!


It’s easy to do! How?

Go ahead and log in to the site, then proceed to step 1:

  1. On the top right of the homepage, you should see a button that says “My account.”
  2. Click on that and it will open up your edit profile menu in the bottom right.
  3. Then, set up a password.

Alternatively, If you cannot find the “My Account” button, look to the bottom right of the homepage, you’ll see the small circle that says Arkansas Times, that’s your user menu!

    1. Click on the Arkansas Times Icon in the bottom right of the homepage.
    2. Click on edit profile.
    3. Then, set up a password.

Next time you log in to the Arkansas Times site on Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc., your browser should ask you if you want to save your login information so it can auto-fill your information for the next visit. If this fix doesn’t work for you and nothing sticks, let’s move onto the next fix!

Second: You’re on a Smartphone and have to log in all the time? Try this quick fix.

Smartphone apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and the various other email apps (Apple mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) use their own built-in web browser to open links. These built-in web browsers do not retain any of your user data or saved credentials you might have stored in Safari or Chrome.

How do you fix that?


1. Once you hit a link to our website or an article, look for the “open in …” button.
2. If the built-in browser opens up the webpage, look for the option to open it in your default browser instead (Safari, Chrome, etc.).
3. Then log in if you aren’t already!

If the first 2 troubleshoots didn’t help, let’s go to the next common fix for the login issue.

Third: You’ve disabled your cookies so your phone or computer won’t store your password. It’s easy to fix.

1. If your browser is using privacy settings that block cookies, it won’t store your login to our site, or any site, for that matter.
2. If you are on PC, you can use this tool to find if cookies are blocked, and instructions on how to enable them in each browser.
3. For iPhone users, look here.
4. For Android users, look here.

Whew! I bet you’ve got it, but … if these troubleshoots didn’t solve the problem for you, please let us know and provide information about your device, browser and any context about the actions/steps you take to login to our site. Screenshots or video would be incredibly helpful if possible. Send all information on your issue to for review and solutions.