Republican gubernatorial nominee Sarah Huckabee Sanders has agreed to appear in one debate, on PBS Oct. 21. She’ll share the set with Democrat Chris Jones and Libertarian Ricky Herrington.


Does her formulation of the event — “speaking to Arkansans” — suggest she’ll avoid engaging in point-counterpoint with opponents to focus on her stock of national political talking points?

Jones, for one, has been busy sending questions to Sanders without response. And her public speaking appearances have generally been at closed or spectator-controlled events. She hasn’t had a serious interview with a reporter yet.


UPDATE: Jones sent out a fund-raiser linked to the news.


BREAKING NEWS: It appears Sarah Huckabee Sanders, my Republican opponent in the Arkansas governor’s race, has finally agreed to a debate ahead of November’s election.

First things first, I have this grassroots movement to thank for the fact she’s finally made the decision to engage with us on the issues. Her silence to this point has been strategic, and it’s obvious she’d gladly continue avoiding these types of interactions if she could win the election regardless. This coalition pressured her into some kind of action, and she’s clearly feeling the heat.

Unlike their team, we’ve been taking this race seriously since the very beginning — and we’re prepared to show the state just how ready we are to lead Arkansas into its future. I know I’m personally excited for this opportunity, and now we’ve got to build our momentum so that we’re at our best come the day of the debate.