Violent crime was much in evidence this weekend. From the State Police:

The Arkansas State Police, Little Rock Police Department and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office are jointly investigating as many as 11 shooting incidents that have occurred over the past 26 hours. As of 9 PM (August 14th) authorities have accounted for three deaths and three individuals wounded, still being treated.
At this time the shooting locations have been identified as:
1:53 PM, (Saturday, August 13th), at 4022 Frazier Pike, one wounded.
1:37 PM, (Saturday, August 13th), at 9401 Mabelvale Cutoff, no injuries.
7:20 PM, (Saturday, August 13th), one deceased at 900 block of South Rodney Parham.
12:58 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), one deceased at Frazier Pike & 3M Road.
2:39 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), one injured at Interstate 30 (eastbound) & 65th Street.
2:44 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), one injured at Interstate 440 (northbound) & near Springer Street.
Shortly before 3 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), at least three shootings, beginning at Interstate 630 (westbound) near the Big Rock interchange, followed by an incident near I-630 & Shackelford, then moving toward the intersection of Markham Street and Bowman, no injuries.
Approximately 4 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), a shooting at 13111 West Markham, no injuries.
5:14 PM, (Sunday, August 14th), a shooting inside a convenience store at 6500 Mabelvale Cutoff, one deceased and one critically wounded.
Presently the investigating law enforcement agencies are working to determine what connection, if any, the shooting incidents might be connected.
At 5:45 PM, today near Roosevelt Road and State Street, two individuals were taken into custody following a pursuit involving state police troopers. The individuals are believed to be connected to at least one of the shooting incidents.
Following the incidents today, special agents from the state police, along with detectives from Little Rock Police Department and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office have unified their efforts to share information and investigate all the shooting incidents.



Mayor Frank Scott Jr. led a news conference at noon today with city, county and state law officials to talk about a barrage of possibly related shootings in the Little Rock area over the weekend.

Officials detailed roughly 14 shooting incidents that left three dead and four others wounded.


The incidents occurred on Little Rock streets, the unincorporated part of Pulaski County on the southeast edge of Little Rock and on freeways patrolled by the State Police in Little Rock.

The outburst prompted three agencies to join in a “unified command” over the weekend to respond. The mayor praised the response for quick apprehension in a fatal shooting at a convenience store on Sunday. He reiterated his assertion that violent crime is down in Little Rock because of steps taken by his administration, but he said there are situations “no one can predict.”Tthere are times like this past weekend that are just unexpected,” he said. He acknowledged there is more work to do.


The shootings detailed by police today:

1:37 p.m. Saturday, 9401 Mabelvale Cutoff, two cars shooting at each other, with shots striking Mabelevale Elementary and a couple of cars. No one was hurt. Four adults were in the school at the time.

1:53 p.m. Saturday, 4022 Frazier Pike, in Pulaski County, two people were in a car hit by gunfire. One was hit in the arm.

7:20 p.m. Saturday, 900 South Rodney Parham, A 23-year-old man,  was killed.


12:58 p.m. Sunday, Frazier Pike and 3M Road in Pulaski County. Dwayne Thompson, 58. was killed.

2:43 p.m. Sunday, I-30 eastbound at 65th in Little Rock, a car was struck by multiple bullets, one person hospitalized.

3 p.m. Sunday,  I-440 and Bankhead in Litle Rock. Car hit. Occupant was wounded and hospitalized.

3 p.m. Sunday, at least seven instances of gunfire from a moving vehicle, nearly all  directed at other moving cars. The shooter was in a car identified as a luxury model. At the Shadowlake apartments on West Markham (this shot was directed at a parked car); at 5600 W. Markham; two incidents at Chenal Parkway and Autumn Road;at Markham and Bowman; at 12801 Chenal Parkway, and two on Interstate 630 at Shackleford and on I-630 between Rodney Parham and Barrow Road. No one injured in these.

5:14 p.m. Sunday, inside Valero at 6500 Mabelvale Cutoff, two people were shot, one fatally. Surveillance video led to the arrest of a suspect, Davis Jones, 31, after a chase by State Police near Roosevelt and State. He was charged with capital murder among  other charges, including charges related to the shooting at Markham and Bowman. A person with Jones was released without charges. A state trooper used a controlled collision technique to stop the suspects’ car.

Acting Chief Wayne Bewley said there were other shootings in Little Rock over the weekend, but police were confident they were unrelated to this particular batch of shootings. He said police weren’t ready to say all were connected, but enough circumstances existed to consider the possibility.