Sebastian County Courthouse

Sebastian County Election Commission Chairman Jason Andrew Vineyard is still paying back fines and fees related to a 2003 felony hot check charge, and therefore is not eligible to vote, Prosecutor Daniel Shue wrote in a letter to Sebastian County clerk Monday. Brett Rains at 4029 News has the story.

A Republican, Vineyard was appointed by the county Republican party to the Sebastian County Election Commission in March of this year and was immediately voted in as chair, according to a story from KNWA.


Vineyard pleaded guilty to a hot check charge on July 11, 2003, according to court documents. He agreed to pay back $20,055. It’s unclear why Vineyard was not removed from voters rolls upon his guilty plea. To become eligible to vote again, Vineyard would need to pay back all he owes in restitution and court fines, then show proof that he’s squared up his debts to the county clerk.

Because state law requires election commissioners to be qualified electors, Vineyard is likely ineligible for his current role as chair of the three-person body that oversees vote counts, poll workers and other election business in Sebastian County.


Vineyard has been voting regularly over these past 20 years; another example of Republican voter fraud?