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Some Republicans aren’t dumb. Just mean and power-hungry. See Tom Cotton

OK, you have some dumb Republicans. Then you have some really mean ones who few would call dumb.

Like Sen. Tom Cotton.


From the Washington Post:

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott (Fla.) will travel to Georgia on Tuesday to demonstrate support for Herschel Walker, days after news reports in which a former girlfriend accused the Senate candidate of paying for one abortion and urging a second.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is also making the trip, as the party continues to treat the Georgia contest as a marquee race that could help determine control of the Senate in 2023.

Serial liar. Hypocrite. Abortion opponent except for women he knocked up as a serial philanderer. But Cotton will raise the flag for Walker, who demonstrates little command of issues before the Senate because he will be a stooge for his party’s aims. That’s all that matters to Cotton and the rest of his party. Trump proved that.


Remember this quote from Cotton, in cheering the end of Roe v. Wade in an NBC interview and advancing his desire to make abortion illegal against potential complications for difficult pregnancies?

“Medical science, of course, informs these decisions, but ultimately these are moral questions.”

You might say picking a Senate candidate is a moral question, too. For Cotton, it’s all about his power.


Cotton spokeswoman Caroline Tabler said the senator also wants to show his support for Walker. “He believes Herschel will be a champion for Georgia who will vote to keep violent criminals in jail, for lower gas prices, and to stop Joe Biden’s inflationary policies,” she said.

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