Here’s the open line. And here’s the COVID report:

Total cases: 954,076, an increase of 100 since Saturday

Active cases: 3,355, down from 3,466

Deaths: 12,301, same as yesterday

Hospitalized: 192, up from 189

In ICU: 26, same as yesterday

On ventilators: 12, down from 11

Also tonight, Blue Hog raises some questions about the mayor’s cratered LITFest and his administration’s behind-the-scenes dealing on the issue. Maybe questions will be asked at the next mayoral “debate.”



I’d add that the city’s convention arm is refusing to release details on the contract to rent Robinson Music Hall to Think Rubix for the canceled Ashanti concert that was the LITFest headliner. The rental rate and mention in the contract of a discount should be public information. The city is falling back on the excuse of government scoundrels such as the University of Arkansas on its Coke contract and claiming it would be a competitive disadvantage to release this information. A competitive disadvantage to the city? It gets no such protection as a taxpayer-supported entity. One good reason that such information must be disclosed is to be sure the city doesn’t play favorites on rental rates and other conditions.

And speaking of the city and FOI: I made routine FOI requests to the city last week on employee salaries and a letter the mayor’s chief of staff, Kendra Pruitt, sent about LITFest cancellation. The law requires acknowledgment of FOI requests. I got none from Pruitt. And despite being promised late last week these requests would be fulfilled, they have not been. Is this malicious avoidance of the law or simple incompetence? Whatever the answer it is not the transparency the mayor insists is a hallmark of his administration.