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GARBO HEARNE Brian Chilson

A pre-election, “after church” rally mashes up candidates and the creative community at Hearne Fine Art on Sunday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Aimed at educating and motivating voters in Districts 12, 76, 78 and Ward 1 ahead of Tuesday’s general election, the rally will feature appearances from Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and gubernatorial candidate/rocket scientist/minister/badass Chris Jones, as well as performances from multi-instrumentalist Dazzmin Murry and fashion designer Ashton Hall.

“This is one of the most important elections in modern history, and we are doing our part to make sure our community participates in the democratic process,” Hearne Fine Art’s Garbo Hearne said. “However, we also want people to have fun and interact and mingle with others outside their normal peer groups, whether Democrat or Republican, red or blue, progressive and conservative, or independent – it does not matter. Let’s just have a conversation and then get out on Tuesday and vote like your life depends on it.”


The event is intentionally timed, Hearne added, to allow churchgoers to participate in the rally. “Black churches have traditionally been the rallying point for getting our community out to vote,” she said. “We want to continue that practice by bringing people together on Sunday and expressing the importance of a participatory democracy,” she said.