Magie, left, and Minner

Democratic incumbent Steve Magie has narrowly defeated Republican challenger Trent Minner in an unusually close legislative race that led to a two-day-long recount.

The recount, which ended late today, confirmed Magie’s 10-vote margin of victory in the race for state House District 56 in Faulkner County.


Complete but unofficial vote totals:

Steve Magie 4,051


Trent Minner 4,041

Howard Heffington 273


Heffington ran as a Libertarian.

In a statement, Minner, who had requested the hand recount, said he had congratulated Magie.

“I wish him nothing but the very best as he continues his service to our state. My family and I are grateful for the support voters have shown us across District 56,” Minner said.

Magie, 69, is an ophthalmologist. He is currently serving his fifth term in the state legislature. Minner, 30, is a lawyer in the Arkansas attorney general’s office. Both men live in Conway.


Here is Minner’s full statement: