A bill filed earlier this month would keep Arkansas’s public entities from investing with any financial firms who offer customers the option to put their money in socially conscious funds.

This week the sponsor of that bill doubled down, pitching Senate Bill 62 to deny state contracts to any pansies who won’t get on board with the firearms, fossil fuels and ammunition industries. If you purposely avoid investing in any of these industries, Arkansas would purposely avoid investing in you, per the bill.


Sen. Ricky Hill (R-Cabot) is the lead sponsor, with an assist from Rep. Jeff Wardlaw (R-Hermitage) in the House. If they don’t stand up for the fat cats who rake in gazillions by selling the guns and ammo that kill us and tapping the oil that kills our planet, who will?

Senate Bill 62 is reminiscent of a 2017 law that requires all state contractors to sign a pledge promising not to boycott Israel. The Arkansas Times and others are party to a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of this law. The case is still winding its way through the federal courts.